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Static Site Conversion

2014-10-13 21:58:15
I'm announcing a new project for the Compendium. One that will ensure it continues to live well into the 21st century.

Starting next year, The Chrono Compendium will be a static site, generated by Middleman and available for forking and merge requests on Github. I'm setting a hopeful deadline of January 1st, 2015 for the full conversion.

What does this mean for contributors? It means you'll need a Github account and have to learn how to fork repositories and submit merge requests. It also means you'll have to be able to install the Middleman gem and run it locally to see your changes.

What does this mean for users? It means a faster, sleeker browsing experience and a more consistent and reliable website. It also means better security, better organization, and the ability to generate more useful indexes and tables for site content.

Unfortunately, it also means a lot of pages will need work to reformat them or fix conversion errors. I will be writing a set of tutorials or maybe even making screencasts on how to use Github to make contributions and fixes to the site. If you would be interested in joining this project next year, feel free to reply to this thread and I'll get ahold of you when the time comes.

Finally, I would just like to thank the community and its commitment to the site. I hope that by transitioning to modern tools, we can make the site and the series more accessible to future generations.

Study on Brazilian Portuguese fan translations of Chrono Trigger

2014-06-24 16:11:22
I recently discovered an academic article about Brazilian fan translations of Chrono Trigger, with reference to both Ted Woolsey's and Tom Slattery's "official" translations, as well as to Kwhatzit's translation (hosted here at the Compendium).

Here is some pertinent information for any interested readers.

Author profile: RAFAEL MÜLLER GALHARDI is an English into Brazilian Portuguese translator and holds a master in Translation and Accessibility. He has recently defended his masters dissertation about Chrono Triggers fan translations in Brazil and has been working with game translation and localization for the past two years. He first started as an undergraduate student interested in analyzing fan translations, then took part and presented his projects at two editions of Fum for all: International Conference on Video Game and Virtual Worlds Translation and Accessibility in Spain and also at other scientific events in Brazil. Meanwhile, he also has become involved in many translation projects ranging from Facebook games to Multiplatform ones.

Article: "Video Game and Fan Translation: A Case Study of Chrono Trigger"
Reprinted in: FUN FOR ALL: Translation and Accessibility Practices in Video Games (ISBN 9783034314503)
Nowadays, video games are not restricted to a specific context or demographic group but instead involve an entire global entertainment market, in a similar manner to the film industry. Certain video game genres -largely RPGs (Role Playing Games) and strategy games-also rely strongly on textual components. Together, these two factors have generated significant demand for linguistic transference and differing degrees of adaptation to many specific markets — a process also known as localization. However, for many locales, the localization industry has not yet reached its full potential, leaving the door open for amateur attempts at translating games. This article provides a descriptive analysisof the Brazilian fan translations of Square Enix's Chrono Trigger, which were based on the first official English translation (1995) carried out for Nintendo by Ted Woolsey, as well a comparison of these with another translation developed by Anglophone fans. The attempts at translation by these fans were possibly the motivation for a second official translation for the porting of the game to Nintendo DS (2008), which in turn generated yet another Brazilian fan translation, totaling a final group of six target texts. In order to conduct this research, Mangiron and O'Hagan's transcreation model (2006) was used in order to analyze topics such as: dialogue additions and omissions; the recreation of play on words; the renaming of characters and terminology; censored items; the deliberate use of regional expressions; and even the modification of a character's speech style, in addition to any other challenges that Chrono Trigger presented to the fan translators.
Conclusion extract:
Galhardi concludes that "Through the analysis of fan translations of Chrono Trigger, we have shown how fans can either follow very similar procedures to those of official localizers [i.e. Woolsey or Slattery] or utilize a 'foreignizing' [i.e. Kwhatzit] approach. In the case of the former, they adapt the game to reflect their own cultural reality [...] in the case of the latter, they keep the game as faithful to the source version as possible, such as was the intention of the Chronocompendium [sic] translation."

Video Games LIVE concert featured music from CT/CC

2014-06-22 19:46:55
This is over 10 days old... but if someone would like to archive this, or if we have an area where we archive news like this and/or a kind soul would like to point me in that direction...


There was a Video Games Live concert in LA, California during E3 2014, and they supposedly had music from both CT and CC

Check the third hyphen from the bottom: (quoted here below)

- Also performing Shadow of the Colossus, Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VIII, Castlevania AND MANY MORE!!

I will see if I can dig up more information on this, or what tracks were featured.

Server downtime due to account upgrades

2014-05-29 15:03:58
I will be upgrading the site's hosting account this weekend, May 31st and June 1st. Expect some intermittent downtime.

Chrono Trigger 20th Anniversary - Chrono Legends 1999 PC

2014-04-22 23:17:19
 :?  Chrono Legends 1999 gets a kick in the rear.  :o

 Chrono Legends 1999 - 20th Anniversary Fan made PC 2D World RPG

Update 4.o Looks like Frog?

Update on Lucca's house

The limitations of what can be done on the lite version of RPG maker vx ace lite.
So this video will just show the limitations. As this will change for next year. Help us on Kickstarter make that possible.

Hello I would like to announce a project that has been approved by several Facebook groups. We just started a project on Facebook and there is not enough feedback and there is still time to get in and register for this.

So i will show you what we have in store for the fans near the 20th Anniversary of Chrono trigger.

Now for a reference. I have already played and beat the Super Nintendo version. I really thought that the story was very confusing and well with little or no dialogue. I could not get or understand the characters as well as other RPG's. So I wanted to try to understand how they fit in the story. I really love this game and this progression and I think the music is some of the best

Here is the Facebook site and there are some updates that go into a weekly basis.

I have a complete list and dates I started this project. Now I am in the process of getting a license for the RPG makers being used.

There is a complete list of operations and jobs to fill for this unique Anniversary gift to the fans. I hope that in this we can gather more information on the characters as well as the fans or know and love this type of RPG created by the Dream Team.

Here is more updates on Chrono Legends 1999

Another Update on Chrono Legends 1999

Another Update on Chrono Legends 1999

Character update on Lucca

Server move complete, site updates in progress

2014-01-15 04:19:04
The server move has been completed and the backend systems of the site (the forums and wiki) have been fully updated. The rest of the site is being reworked into a modern framework and will be running in a stripped down mode for at least a few weeks.

Server move

2014-01-09 20:04:22
This weekend we will be moving servers. The site will be scheduled for downtime from Saturday, January 11th to Sunday afternoon'ish (US Central Time).

When Cease and Desist Letters Backfire

2013-12-28 18:53:08
Square Enix isn't the only company out there that likes to fire off Cease and Desist letters every time it thinks someone might even be looking its way with a fan or derivative work. The Arthur Conan Doyle Estate just learned that bullying creators into paying up fees or abandoning their projects is actually kind of a bad idea because eventually, you know, someone's going to get pissed off and fight back and sue them (and win):

The ACD Estate's careless actions of the past will cost them huge money now. Even big Hollywood producers have an excuse to sidestep them and not pay to use their classic characters.

This situation is obviously different than the CE issue that happened here. But still, it warms my heart to the core to know that a greedy organization sent out a heavy-handed C&D letter to try and intimidate what they thought was some small-time creator, and then it blew up in their faces most magnificently.

Christmas 2013 Update!

2013-12-26 03:40:11
Welcome to the Christmas update! There's still some stuff to be added (such as the Prerelease unpointed line translations by RyougaMasaki), but this update's going to have to be broken out piecemeal over the next couple weeks as I get spurts of free time. For now, let's kick things off:

[CHRONO]  Chrono'99 dug up a 2006 interview with Koichi Ishii and Hiromichi Tanaka in which they allude to Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV as being connected with ideas for the Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana franchise. Check it out here! (Somehow this was missed before and didn't get moved into the news section; sorry.)  [2]  We hadn't announced it yet, but inichi did another TAS for Chrono Trigger, utilizing mid-frame resets to trigger the ending after a short 3 minutes and 28 seconds. Check it out here! In the land of no glitches, Kari "Essentia" Johnson recently broke the 100% completion barrier with a normal speedrun, clocking in at 5 hours 40 minutes; check it out here.  [3]  wizzy0807 has helped us identify a promotional package sold in Japan containing both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross around the release date of the latter. I'll yield the floor: "This was sold online by auction a few years back: You can view a different photo there. It is described as: "This is a special promotional set with both games.The ''NOT FOR SALE'' mention is on the box." A blog entry described Chrono Memorial as a promotion gift for a "DigiCube" pre-order? ( Perhaps this box only available to wholesalers of DigiCube-distributed Square products? The items themselves look like partially repackaged products. The UPC on Chrono Trigger, if my eyes are sharp enough, is 4961012997060, which is identical to the original Japanese PS release. Likewise, I get 4961012997077 for Chrono Cross, also identical to the original release. Seems like the discs were newly pressed and designed as vols. 1 and 2 of the box set, but the jewel cases, manuals, and jewel case "spine slips" look like reproductions of original PS releases." A page has been set up here.

[COMMUNITY]  We're not affiliated with this site, but we can't help but shamelessly plug Triple Tech, where a few survivors have gathered Chrono series ROM hacking information. The site states that no projects will be carried out or supported, and it looks like they've got most of the old material up there. I wish them well.  [3]  ShogunSlug has pointed out that the SS Zelbess theme from Chrono Cross was apparently built off a sample, as it recently popped up in Bizarre Foods! See the Youtube video here. Pretty interesting that it was a lead. Mitsuda's used some other well known samples, such as the percussion in the Chronopolis track; a relevant VGMdb thread is here.  [4]  Speaking of merchandise, I'm personally on the hunt for a Chrono Cross Chronopolis Seiko Watch. If you have one or know someone willing to part with one for the right price, send a private message on the forums.

[ANALYSIS]  Created: This Missing Piece sketch, showing the Frozen Flame in the Dead Sea (thanks Kodokami)  ][  Updated: Real World Influences (Serge & Sonja), Lavos (Power of) (new attempt to quantify by Berf), Marle Paradox (two exciting new theories), Prerelease Translation Differences (End of Time Party lines)

[FAN ART]  First up is Crono in a Nutshell by Manly Man!  [FANFICTION]  The Legendary Biologist checks in again with Responsibility, a Chrono Cross drabble.  [DREAM SPLASH]  The 2012/2013 Dream Splash has concluded with Manly Man's Bondage, Boots, and Bulges. Check out all the submissions here!  [REMIXES AND DOUJINS]  [ '600th 600 A.D.' by Juja ][ 'Corridors of Time 8.3' by TheReverend ][ Delldongo - Square Enix Piano Album ][ 'Devotio Aeternus' by Darangen ][ Dj CUTMAN - GAMECHOPS Volume 2 ][ Dragonbard - Harping on Video Games ][ 'Eye of the Trigger' by Hope Fails ][ FMPSG - FMPSG020 -DECADE- Decade of Chiptune 2003 ][ NES BAND, Colonyotoshi - Nekketsu Dai Ongaku Sai ~Friendship for Gamemusic~ ][ 'Let's Just Get Out of this Stupid Sewer Already' by Dennis ][ 'Peaceful Days' by Necrox ][ Random Encounter - LET ME TELL YOU A STORY ][ 'Summer in the Little Town' by Hakstok ][ 'Sunrise' by Hakston ][ Super Guitar Bros. - Super Guitar Bros. ][ 'The Day Gato Revived v6' by DJ H3L10S ][ 'The Day the World Revived Orchestral WIP' by ellywu2 ][ The X-Hunters - MANKINDS ARROGANCE ]

Don't know where to post this....Piano Collections?

2013-12-25 05:06:55
Hey y'all, so...I'm new to the site.  (Don't know how I haven't found this place until NOW, I am.  Hello.)  Anywho, I'm not sure where to post this (Fan Art?), so I'm posting it here....?  I've been slowly grinding through all of the music from the game on piano (only 'bout 15 songs to go, 5 of 'em I don't have committed to memory, the other 10 I can't get even *passable* recordings), and was wondering if there was any interest into the work?  I am NOT stellar by any stretch of the imagination, just...looking for feedback, I guess.  The vast majority of my friends have no clue about this game (and the ones that I did get to play it were thoroughly wowed by it...but didn't remember the music well enough to even recognize what I was doing on piano).

So yeah.  Feel free to shoot me in the face or something.